Mama Fuel for Today [My 10 favourite blog posts on motherhood]

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Every morning, I drink Him in. I can’t imagine how I’m going to navigate the long day of dirty nappies and spillages and gentle corrections and carrying my baby, so I fall into Him. And even though I can barely pray a sentence from my sleepy heart, He helps me. We need fuel to mother on. All the time.

Some afternoons, as I hear my oldest stir from her nap, I want to curl up in my bed and not move. The only thing that drags me upright is the sweetness of her pleading “Mummy”… and some tea, and a chunk of chocolate. And perhaps the thought of walking up the brown hill of dirt and descending on a friend’s house with my littles. These are the things that help me. Her sweetness. Tea, chocolate, friends. We need fuel to mother on. All the time.

Most evenings, when all is quiet from the toddler’s room and the baby finally gives up and rests in my arms, I fall asleep soon after. But there’s that sacred hour, dark and calm, where I inhale the peace of the house. I find a silent moment to read. Sometimes I find pieces of gold online, written by other mothers who know we need help. We need fuel to mother on. All the time.

And here are ten of my favourite pieces of gold. I thought you mummy friends of mine might want some fuel too. Some of them I’ve read again and again. Because I need to know why I’m spending my days pouring juice and scraping sequins off the floor. I need Jesus to remind me there has rarely been a work so holy as this.

1. On God invading the mundanity with his presence:
Hey You Still in your Sweatpants, This Love Note is for You

2. On the value of our dedication to them:
Because Everything Else Really Can Wait

3. On the littles being enough for us:
Am I Enough?

4. On motherhood being hard, but beautiful:
The Growing Pains of Motherhood

5. On the hidden-ness of motherhood:
Being a Closet Radical

6. On weakness:
This Weak Me

7. On giving yourself (and everyone else) a break:
Quit Pointing Your Avacado At Me 

8. On letting God guide your parenting as a priority (warning – this piece hugely challenges me):
How to Raise your Children as World Changers

9. On stopping the mummy judgement:
What the Gang Wars and the Mommy Wars have in common

10. And this, and all the other Honest Toddler posts, make me laugh and laugh:
Making Dinner with Toddler

And now, I’m off to feed a baby to sleep and persuade my toddler to let me brush her hair.


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1 Comment
  • Rebekah
    September 26, 2019

    I’m honored to have made your list!
    Rebekah Fox
    P.s. I wrote the “Am I Enough?” piece. And still wrestle with this question!;)
    I love what you wrote above, about tea, chocolate, and friendship. ❤️

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